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This site was created at the start of the 'Isolation' period due to the COVID-16 Virus in late March 2020.  Lonnie, the quintessential 'ideas' man, had the idea that he would start streaming his shows to his audiences who he knew would be starved for live shows. His archives contain many shows over the years and at first he streamed directly to the streaming platforms, then he thought this would offer a better explanation of what the shows were with airing dates etc.

The shows will go from appearances on old Black and White TV shows such as Bandstand and Six O'Clock Rock to recent shows from this year.
There will also be many of his appearances on TV talk shows over the years such as 'Good Morning Australia',' The Bert Newton Show', 'Kerri-Anne Kennerley' and many others as well as some of his shows in USA.


As time goes on, the site will feature not only video shows, but Podcasts of radio interviews that Lonnie has had with many radio presenters over the years.


As we have been approached by some stars who would like to also have their shows streamed, we are looking at creating a channel which will feature other stars at different times of the day and night.

If you have any suggestions of what and who you would like to see, go to the Contact Us form, let us know and we will see if anything is available.

In the meantime.. We hope you enjoy your visit with us.

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