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This service is offered to artists who would like to stream their shows to the world wide web but don't have the facilities or time to do it themselves..

It does not matter what genre you present. It can be country, rock, rockabilly, jazz, big band, acoustic or anything as long as it is family friendly.

If you don't have a full show, you might have a few clips that can be strung together for the min 30 mins to max 90 mins. It is up to you and your image.

Our channel  goes to air via the 5 major streaming services, youtube, facebook, twitch, mobcrush and mix who collectively have over 300 million viewers.

The channel offers time slots from 30 to 90 minutes across a 24 hour day and 7 day week.

We suggest a time slot which would run the same show for a week, so that every month there is the opportunity to present 4 shows as you build up your audience.

It is simple. All you need to do is this..

1.  Get your show video to us via an internet delivery service such as Dropbox etc. or on a disk via mail or courier. 
It is best in AVI or MP4 format with a resolution of 1280x720 however we will check lower resolutions if you don't have those.

2.  Choose what date, day and time you want your show to go to air. If the times are available, they will be booked for the month.

3.  If you already belong to any of those streaming services, give us your login and password so we can add your shows. If you don't belong we will join you.

4.  Tell as many family, friends and fans as you can, the date and times your show goes to air, so that your viewership starts out strong. 
Tell them to invite their friends to watch too. Your success will be in how much you promote it.

If you are interested...

You will be asked to sign up for a minimum month of 7 time slots each week or 1 a day.  More is available, but that's up to you.

Sign a document confirming the video belongs to you and that you give us full permission to air it.

If still interested, what next ?  If all is okay fill in the Submission form.

Contact us and tell us what media you have, what times of the day you want to air and when you's like to start.

If all is okay, we will get back to you with confirmation your show will be streaming out to the world wide web.

If you want more details or want to talk about something else, use the Contact Us form.

Contact Us