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Youtube is owned by Google. It is the world's largest streaming platform and has second largest Search engine behind Google. It is used mainly for tutorials, home videos, movies and anything else that moves. Viewers watch over 6 billion hours of video every month.

You can Subscribe for free and in doing so you will be notified by email when the next show is available.
Viewers enjoy reading comments about the show, so as well as subscribing, please leave one if you can.
This is important, because the more Subscribers one has, the more facilities it can offer its subscribers.

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Twitch is owned by Amazon and its main function is to stream online games and esports. Other than youtube, it is the largest streamer. It has approximately 100 million broadcasters and over 200 million viewers. Recently some music entertainment companies and television stations have started using it and it now has over 30,000 partner channels with over 1 million active users at any one time.

Twitch has options to Donate and follow the broadcaster and also to chat with them if they are available.

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Facebook Lonnie Lee

Everyone knows about Facebook and as well as the Personal Profiles it has, it is also offering more services such as Video Streaming. Most streamers show their what they get up to in their personal lives however more and more businesses are starteing to use it hoping to get to the massive users of Facebook.

Like the other platforms, one is enciouraged to leave comments about the streams so that other will be urged to also watch.

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4 Lonnie Lee

Mix is owned by Microsoft and has the usual MS safety precautions when joining or logging in. This can be a pain for many however it is quite easy. As well as with a account, you can join using several accounts you my already have such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon.

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Mobcrush logo

Mobcrush is a platform which actually sends its streams to the other streamers above. They are primarily a online gaming platform however most major movie companies, Netflix and others also use it for streaming their movies. It reaches 160 million
people in the USA alone with it's 75% gaming broadcaster.

It also offers and encourages Chats and comments.

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